When I was in 6th grade, my teacher introduced my class to creative writing.  For 15 minutes out of the day, we were to write anything we’d like in our composition notebooks.  After spending years in “my own little world” (as my parents called it), I felt I could finally free myself and my characters into words.  I have been writing ever since.

After graduating high school, I moved on to graduate from Gustavus Adolphus College with an B.A. in English (with a Writing Emphasis). I spent my time there learning the art of story telling, especially in regards to young adult literature.

I have been given the opportunity by my family and schools to travel to various places around the world, including spending some time in London, England (my home away from home).   I continue to remain very dedicated with my research into Britain and especially into it’s Victorian history.

I currently live in the St. Paul, Minnesota area with my significant other and two lovable cats (Yuna and Tidus).