Exhaustion and Imagination

As of late, I’ve been so focused on editing my story.  I usually hate editing, but this time around it has been a little more fun (probably thanks to knowing it will come out in print).  I cannot sugarcoat the lack of inspiration to write new pieces though. 

 For some authors, they are constantly writing. For others it comes in one massive overhaul, and then they are done.  I find myself somewhere in the middle. My writing is more like a lunar cycle, and right now I’m stuck in a new moon.

I know the future will be full of stories and Arthurian legend research, but until then I’m stuck in the phase of exhaustion (mentally and physically).  I try not to stress over it, but then my anxiety creeps in the night to remind me that time is slipping away. I’m 27, brain, not 100. Calm down. 

I just need to remind myself that tonight, a little crescent of inspiration will peak out of somewhere. And if I take the opportunity to write, great! And if I don’t? Not the end of the world. Just make it a goal for the next day. 

Eventually my full moon will come around, and the characters, just waiting for the adventure to continue, will come banging pots and pans in my head until I give them their due.