Shall We Begin?

The journey I’m on feels like a strange one.  It is amazing, and it will have plenty of growing pains.  But it is the one I have wanted since 6th grade.  In 2019 Top Hat Society will be a published novel.

It is a bit like going through the 5 Stages of Grief, but I’d call mine The 5 Stages of Disbelief.

Denial – This can’t be happening.

Anger – How dare those bullies in high school tease and tear at my stories as if I weren’t a human being beneath those words?

Bargaining – I am going to have to give the devil my soul, aren’t I?

Depression –  Can I do this?  There will always be someone who hates my writing…do I have the skin for this game?

Acceptance – Yes, this is happening.  Yes, those kids at school were quite cruel.  But you are achieving your dream.  No, there is no devil soul exchange needed.  Your publisher is quite nice and down to earth.  And yes, you can do this.  Again, this is your dream. Not everyone is going to like it.  But your dream was to be published and provide an escape to readers just as you looked for in your novels.

So there it is for you! My first post at the start of a journey.  2018 will be full of new things.  So…shall we begin?

~E. M. Vick



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