Top Hat Society: The Query

To my dear audience:

I have been seeking representation for my novel, Top Hat Society, for quite some time.  After going through the usual motion as an author, I found you as one who support strong fictional works that reached all ages.   I believe my story has the same properties you’ve been seeking as a reader by providing an escape and enveloping you in world of history and fantasy.

Within the magic confides of her Victorian world, one girl finds herself facing the brotherhood of demon hunters, who have haunted her childhood and  now threaten her hopes for a normal future.

Lucy O’Rourke believed that the day her twin died, was the last time she would ever have to deal with the society of highly revered demon hunters. Yet, when she discovered her brother very much alive, and her mother quickly succumbing to a deadly disease, she realizes she must once more face her nightmare.  With Victorian principles and powerful magic at play, one girl’s fate unfolds as a power -unseen in over one hundred years – awakens.  The question soon becomes: will Lucy dare take up arms with the brotherhood, who stole away all that she held dear?  For in the Top Hat Society a life of dragons, demons, and phoenixes awaits and nothing is safe – especially not when the King of Demons has returned.

As a new author, I am passionate to reawaken reading across all ages and genders.  I majored in English with a writing emphasis at Gustavus Adolphus College, where I focused my energies in Adolescent Literature. I have also visited a number of countries across Europe, with special interest in the United Kingdom.  I continue to remain very dedicated with my research into the British Victorian era, giving me the ability to flesh out complex conflicts in a way that is relatable across a wide audience spectrum.

This novel is the first in a trilogy, but can stand alone if needed.  I am currently working on the second novel.

Thank you for your time and for considerations into Top Hat Society.  I plan to gauge the interest of the audience and will release chapters accordingly.  Please, all forms of constructive comments, critiques, and discussions are welcome.  My ultimate hope is to one day have enough momentum and support to publish this novel in it’s full form.

Note: Please keep in mind I will be making small changes in response to comments and concerns.  This shouldn’t take away from the meat of the story, just help to engage you more as a reader.

©2016 E. M. Vick

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